Science and Technology are integral parts of the modern world. Dramatic and rapid change in these areas is a basic fact of life for all students. For personal, social, environmental and economic reasons, young people must be well equipped to be active participants in our scientific and technological society.

At St. Pius X we endeavour to help students to not only understand that Science and Technology is essential for us to function in society but that it is also part of the wider universe created by God.

Science and Technology is the learning area in which all students learn about the natural and built environments by investigating, by designing and making and by using technology. It is not just a body of knowledge but is also a process of investigation.

Scientific education assists students to understand themselves and the environment and provides opportunities to develop independent rational thought and responsible action.

Technological education assists students to manage and influence technological change and to gain a greater control over their lives in an increasingly technological world.


The aim of Science and Technology at St. Pius X Primary School is to develop student confidence, competence and responsibility in their interactions in our world leading to an enriched view of themselves, society, the environment and future as well as an enthusiasm for further learning in Science and Technology.


Through Investigations, Designing and Making and Using Technology students at St. Pius X Primary School will develop a greater knowledge and understanding of:

• Built Environments. (BE)science_2.jpg• Information and Communication. (IC)
• Living Things. (LT)
• Physical Phenomena. (PP)
• Products and Services. (PS)
• Earth and its Surroundings. (ES)


  • Investigations are used to: find, use and record information.
  • Designing and Making is used to: identify and clarify problems, define a designed task, generate ideas and  use of resources.
  • Technology is used to: learn about tools, hardware, material and software and how to use it appropriately.


At St. Pius X Primary School, K-6 students should be able to engage in learning experiences which enable them to develop positive and informed values and attitudes:

• towards themselves.
• towards others.
• towards Science and Technology.