School Specific Programs

In Literacy our school uses a variety of programs to meet the educational needs of our students. Our infants students use the CEDB phonics program and Heggartys phonemic awareness program in conjunction with the Department of Education English Units. Our Primary students participate in Spelling Mastery and also utilise the Department of Education English Units. The CEDB phonics program and Spelling Mastery allows us to provide extension and remediation to support student learning. We also supplement these programs with Reading Eggs and Reading Express, rich text and digital text.

In Mathematics our school utilises the CEDB Mathematic units from Kindergarten to Year 6. These units explore Mathematics using hands-on activities and problem solving. These units are supplemented with Mathseeds (Infants) and Mathletics (Primary).

The school uses a variety of research based programs to provide target intervention for students that require additional support. These programs include MinLit, MacLit and QuickSmart. The school also runs an enrichment program to allow students to be extended and participate in rich learning experiences in areas of interest.