Assembly is held every Friday, in the school hall.

The School Captains and S.R.C. run the assembly.  At this assembly, announcements for the coming week are made and awards are presented.  The Assembly concludes with the singing of the National Anthem.  Assembly times can vary due to inter-school sports events and extra curricula activites.  Please see the weekly news letter for changes.



The Catholic Development Fund operates a banking system in the school once a week (please check with office staff as to which day of the week).  The money to be banked is to be placed in the bag provided and sent  to the secretary soon after class begins on the designated school banking day. 



  • Cigarettes, matches, lighters, cap guns, fireworks, peashooters
  • Mobile phones, iPads, iPhones
  • Laser pointers, yo yos, aerosol and pump sprays (e.g. deodorants) hair sprays
  • Knives and related items, personal stereos, DVDs,  any electronic game
  • Chewing gum, liquid paper and spirit-based marker pens because of damage to carpets and furniture
  • Steel rulers or sharpened implements at school are illegal and a safety hazard to themselves and other students



The Principal is available to teachers at most times of the day to discuss problems or answer any queries the teacher may have.

The Principal is not available during the times she has a class.

Parents wishing to see the Principal are asked to ring the secretary who will let them know of a suitable time for an interview.  The Principal's availability is outlined on the Contacts page



Pupil Free Days allow for further teacher education and future planning to build a strong community of quality teachers for our school. Notification of Pupil Free Days will be published in the news letter.