Creative and Practical Arts is a Key Learning Area which encompasses art, craft, drama and music.

Children learn about the arts naturally, however, regular experiences that are thoughtfully planned and sequenced (and are related to one another) are essential for the development of the while child.

Language exists in each of the artforms…. This enables the child to communicate and exchange ideas about the world.

Appreciating is an important part of learning about the arts. An audience needs to know how to appreciate the arts. Children need to be taught to look for, listen to and comment on the artform… this makes the child a better audience.

By engaging in the processes of making and appreciating the arts, students can become trained in their ability to aesthetically judge, thus becoming informed consumers of Arts and culture.

Teachers value the opportunity that the Arts offer for self-expression, sensory experience, intuition and the sharing of ideas. All these experiences enrich and enhance the quality of the student’s lives. A varied and rich program is offered at St. Pius X.

Children are given the opportunities for public performance through Eisteddfods, Concerts and Assemblies.

At St. Pius X specialist teachers from the Conservatorium provide opportunities for children to learn musical instruments.

Creative Arts aims to provide students with knowledge, skills and understanding. They engage in the various artforms through:

  • Visual Arts by making and appreciating artworks
  • Music by performing, organizing sound and listening
  • Drama by making, performing and being creative
  • Dance by composing, performing and appreciating